The Technical Implementation

The Developers Integration Lab (DIL) uses a powerful, open source FuseESB tool to ensure a streamlined and efficient implementation of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), enabling the DIL to provide additional testing capabilities against multiple gateways. Below are the steps a user goes through in accordance with the architecture to ensure interoperability:

  1. Login to the DIL
  2. Submit the Test Case for processing
  3. The Test Case Processor component validates the test case and submits the message to the corresponding message queue.
  4. The Message Dispatcher component retrieves the message from the corresponding message queue.
  5. The Message Dispatcher component reads the message and queries the database to obtain the test case parameters.
  6. The Message Dispatcher forwards the test case parameters to the corresponding adapter.
  7. The Adapter generates the gateway request and forwards the request to the corresponding gateway in the gateway farm.
  8. The Adapter receives the response message and persists the results in the database.
  9. The DIL retrieves the results from the database and provides the information to the user via the user interface.